Master Planning

As holistic thinkers, at Archplan we believe that cities are formed by cross layering socio-cultural, economic, environmental & physical aspects within an urban sustainable development framework.

Each layer is vibrant with factors, associations and a country’s experience to safeguard a unique place in the course of the history of the country’s development.

With the aid of our team of business researchers, land architects and urban architects, we apply the “business SWOT’ or the location’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to fit the need with its appropriate place in the whole picture of the country to ensure having an integrated design model.

At Archplan our main planning approach focuses on; Sustainability, heritage preservation and community participation to represent the identity of the city implying both the scent of the past and the seeds of a future with commercial returns.

As we believe that each design is definitely site-specific, we develop a concept related to the history of the city only after configuring our model to the current city situation both in order to present a model underlying the city identity and character.

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