City Comprehensive Development

Applying the sustainability factors including low-carbon, low-water strategies and more, Archplan is able to transform poorly-designed, out-dated structured cities and slums, into modern cities using recent technologies fitting the new millennia.

It was Archplan which developed the slums of Ismalilia governorate, and comprehensively developed the city of Luxor into an open museum, making it a profitable touristic attraction in 2007 onwards, garnering several awards for this massive transformation from the OICC.

With the fundamental socio-cultural, economic and demographic data input, provided by our team of research and experts, we investigate the inhabitants problems and understand their unmet needs, so that by our designs, we lift their spirits and balance the environment providing a huge opportunity to improve their places to make people live, work and function properly.

This includes developing area residents, with long-range goals for each neighborhood regarding land use, zoning, transportation, crime and safety, parks, recreation and historic preservation.

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